Running low

We've been doing the farm challenge of buying no food for three weeks now.

If we were just doing my original plan of going until June 1, this would be easy -- I've got it. But since I've decided to stick it out until July 1, things might get tough.

Coffee seems to be everyone's common ground. No one wants to see me run out of coffee -- my sister sent done for my birthday, a friend dropped some off, and I'm trading some tomorrow. And I have enough creamer stashed away to last until July. 

It's the other stuff that's starting to dwindle, though. We're out of chocolate chips, though I have lots of cocoa. Sugar is down to about three pounds. Out of soy sauce, which couldn't be awful. I traded a friend for a small bottle, but that won't last long. 

All of these are either staples or luxury items, depending on your point of view. You can certainly eat lentil soup and veggies every day and not need soy sauce or chocolate chips. But if you're trying to live for months, spices and chocolate are important! 

We're doing lots of veggies and lots of peasant food. The other night I had a soup with mushrooms, broccoli, yellow squash and onion, blended up with beef broth, and it was great.

We did a fancy fondue for Mark's birthday, which is where we used up a lot of stuff. Beef, pork, meatballs, mushrooms and cubes of bread, all fried in hot oil at the table and served with six sauces, and a chocolate fondue at the end with bananas, strawberries and marshmallows. We won't be eating that well again for a while!

Overall, though, we're in good shape.  plain, boring food: Oatmeal and eggs for breakfast. Leftovers for lunch. Veggies and rice and meat for dinner, or a crockpot something. I'm dying for something more exciting, and I guess I have to do that myself. I think I'll do some kind of Indian food tonight, just to spice it up a little.

Meagan McGovern