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Stone Soup Farm
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pork raised on a family farm in Ferndale, Washington


 bring home the bacon

The best way to buy pork is to buy half a hog. That way  you get everything: Ham, bacon, sausage, ground pork, tenderloin, chops and roasts. But not everyone is able to dedicate that much freezer space to porky goodness, so we also sell smaller packages with sausage, pork chops, ribs and tasty, tasty bacon. We sell half hogs and two types of smaller freezer packs -- there's something for everyone. Scroll down and get what you need to feed your family!



Best Value, lots of choice

Go whole Hog. Or Half, Really.



This is best way to get a bit of everything. You buy half a hog and get it all: Ham, bacon, sausage, ground pork, tenderloin, chops and roasts.  If you select a half share, you can choose how thick you want the pork chops, if you get Italian sausage or breakfast, and how thick you want your bacon sliced. It's like living on a farm without having to feed the pigs!

A half pig will run you about $400, depending on final weight, and you will have about 75 pounds of meat in your freezer, give or take. You must reserve a half pig by Thursday, January 18 with a deposit, so I can work with you on what kind of cuts you want.  

Typical yield from a half pig:

 About 20-23 pork chops from a half pig, 2 roasts, 1 fresh ham, 8 lbs of fresh bacon slab, 3 lbs of spare ribs, 8 lbs of ground pork, etc., totaling about 60-70 lbs in the freezer. Most pigs are between 60 and 70 lbs for a half share. 

Reserve your half share now and we'll go over pricing -- it depends on what the final hanging weight is, but will usually be about $400. There will be extra time and cost to smoke or cure bacon, to add sausage seasoning, or to have sausage made into links. All of those are options!



 A full half of a pasture-raised, heritage-breed pig -- all of the meat, bones, and butchering fees included. Meat is USDA inspected and sold by final weight. Ham and bacon will be smoked and cured unless you select different options. Order must be placed by January 18 to choose your own cuts.


Sausage, pork chops and shoulder, oh my!

High on the hog



High on the Hog: We select an assortment of cuts for you that will include pork chops, sirloin, shoulder, a variety of sausage and other delicious options. This is our best meat, and you won't ever taste anything this good from a store.
Prices are $85 for 10 lbs and $160 for 20 lbs. If there are any types of sausage or cuts you don’t like, just indicate that, and let us know what kind of meat you prefer. We have Italian and breakfast sausage, loose as well as in links.



  • Ten pounds or twenty pounds of pasture-raised, heritage-breed pork. We select the most  popular cuts, including sausage, shoulder, pork chops and other tender cuts. If there's some cut of meat you don't like, let us know. Meat is USDA inspected and has USDA stamp and weight on each cut.

Sausage, chops and ribs: What's not to love?

Farmer's Basket



Sausage, ground pork,  and ribs. What are are you looking for? We can make a farmer's package just for you. Farmer’s Basket is a selection of chops, ground pork and sausage after we fill out the "high on the hog" orders. We give you a great price and you help us use all of the pig. Prices are $50 for 10 lbs and $80 for 20 lbs. If there are any types of sausage or cuts you don’t like, just indicate that.



  • Our choice of sausage, ground pork and cuts of meat from pasture-raised, heritage breed pork. Never any hormones or antibiotics. Please tell us what you're looking for and we'll try to make you happy! Meat is USDA inspected and has USDA stamp and weight on each cut.