Deposit for a half share

Deposit for a half share


This is the deposit for one half of a hog. You can send me a note and we'll discuss cuts, whether you want sausage, how thick you want pork chops, and if you want your ham or bacon smoked.
We are only selling ten hogs this way, so put your deposit in now!
Meat will be ready in December, with additional time for the curing of bacon and ham.
The  cost of buying a half/whole hog is $5 per pound of hanging weight (the carcass after slaughter). 

So your total for a half hog could be $450-$500. That includes all processing and packaging except for any smoked items (like ham and bacon — there’s a small extra charge for curing and smoking.) There’s also a small extra cost if you want your sausage made into links. Typically you’d end up with about 70 pounds of pork or more, depending on what kind of cuts you want, if you want to keep the lard and other options.

The typical hog, weighing 250 pounds on the hoof, will produce a 184-pound carcass that will yield approximately 120 – 140 pounds of pork; 70 pounds of pork would be a good estimate for a half a hog.
Let me know if you have any more questions!

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