Q: Who are you? Why are you selling pork to strangers?

A: Good question!  We are a small family farm in Ferndale, Washington, raising pigs, beef and children. We have three children, including two teenaged boys, and we homeschool, so raising animals makes sense. The boys started raising pork at a 4-H project, and I started eating pork because it's delicious, and it's just sort of snowballed from there. It's hard to find good pork at the store, so we're passing the goodness on to others.

Q: Why is your meat so expensive? You know I can get pork on sale for $3 a pound, right? Why on earth would I spend this much on meat?

A: This meat isn't expensive. It's the real cost of meat. What you're getting in the store is meat that's discounted, cut-rate meat raised by people who are cutting corners to save money. Most large pork  factories make $5 profit PER PIG. That means that to make $500,  they have to raise 100 pigs. Each animal is expendable, there's no room for error, and no way to even think about the welfare of the animal. Most pork is confined in cages on concrete floors, fed garbage (sometimes literally,) given antibiotics and hormones to keep them healthy in terrible conditions, and the animals are not cared for. Our pigs are tended, not manufactured. They live outside, root in the ground, and live like pigs. The meat tastes like nothing you've ever gotten from a store, because it's nothing like anything you've bought at a store.

Q: What about bacon?

A: Bacon flies out the door. If you want some, speak up! We'll have some for sale as soon as it's cured.

Q: What's your favorite pork recipe?

A: I'm glad you asked! We do a lot of stir-fry, and we love pork shoulder in the crockpot with barbecue sauce. Probably my favorite is Asian pork sliders, though. Those are TASTY.
Just add soy sauce, ginger and garlic to ground pork, and fry up small burgers. Serve with a good cabbage slaw. Yum.

Q:do you ship?

A: Not as of  yet. The prices are pretty ridiculous for an 80-pound-box shipped overnight. But people keep asking, so if we come up with a reasonable way to do it (maybe dry ice and a couple of days,) we'll start shipping.

Q: HOw do I get my order?

A: I can deliver to Bellingham one day a week, or you can come to our farm and check out our setup! We'll figure out details when you place your order.

Q: Tell me about your pigs.

A: A farmer friend who lives three houses down breeds heritage pigs. He's been doing it for thirty years and is an expert in what kind of pigs thrives in our cool, wet climate. These are are mix of Bluebutt, Hampshire and Duroc, all bred for taste and amazing meat, not so that they'll survive in an overcrowded factory. We get them when they're babies, and raise them on grass, grain, and barley. They eat pasture from our farm, supplemented by  pig feed from a local  grower, which has no GMOs or chemicals in it. We also get barley from a local brewer after they're done making beer with it. The pigs think it's the tastiest thing ever!