About our farm

  • We have a small family farm in Ferndale, Washington, raising beef, pork, and children.
    Our pork is raised on our ten acres, where the pigs eat, sleep and root outside, the way pigs should. Our teenaged boys do the feeding and cleaning and take a share of the profit to put away for college. Pork can be purchased in halves, cut and wrapped, or in smaller packages. Specialty cuts available upon request.

  •  No hormones or steroids, ever.
  •  No antibiotics, ever. GMO­-free. Pasture­-raised.
  •  Pigs are fed on pasture, supplemented with brewer's barley and feed from a local grower -- all is non-GMO and free of additives and chemicals. No animal byproducts, ever. This is what my family eats. 
  • All meat is inspected, processed and packaged by Island Grown Farmer's Co-op in Bow, Wa., under the supervision of the USDA. The ham and bacon are USDA inspected and then cured and smoked at a local butcher.


Pastured Pork

Choose from as little as ten pounds, or up to a half hog. Heritage breeds, raised outdoors with no antibiotics, hormones or GMOs -- this is pork done right. But not well-done, because that's a travesty.